Can you tell how aggressive a dog is by looking at it?

On Behalf of | May 28, 2024 | Personal Injury

You likely encounter several dogs each time you walk around your local streets. Some may not seem like a threat, but you might take more care around others.

Yet, can you really tell how dangerous a dog is just by looking at it?

Some breeds are statistically more dangerous than others

Some breeds of dogs are statistically more aggressive or dangerous than others. Yet many owners of scary-looking breeds will swear that their dog is an absolute sweetheart who is great around children and would not harm a fly.

Smaller dogs are often more aggressive. A Chihuahua is more likely to bite you than a rottweiler but you can pull a chihuahua off, which you cannot do with a rottweiler. A small dog such as a chihuahua would also have much more problem going for your jugular, as it would have to jump very high for its body size, whereas a rottweiler can easily reach your head.

Age can play a factor

Young dogs may give someone an accidental nip while playing, but older dogs are more likely to bite intentionally. Those over 10 years old are most likely to do so because they are tired and want to be left alone, or because they have aches and pains that someone exacerbates by touching them.

Ultimately, however, dog owners can have a massive influence over how a dog behaves. Some train their dogs to be aggressive, others cause them to be this way by mistreating them.

Taking care around all dogs is best if you want to avoid a bite. While you can often get a good idea of how likely a dog is to attack you, sometimes they can surprise you. If they do and you suffer injuries, it is important to get medical attention and then examine your legal rights accordingly, as you may be entitled to significant compensation.