How can people prove fault after a Kentucky car crash?

On Behalf of | Nov 28, 2023 | Personal Injury

Injuries and property damage challenges often take priority after a Kentucky crash. Drivers need to check themselves and vehicle occupants for injuries. They need to arrange to tow their vehicles and receive appropriate medical treatment. They may need to communicate to employers, educational institutions and others about the unanticipated change to their daily schedule.

People often take for granted the idea that police officers, insurance companies and even the Kentucky civil courts will hold the right party accountable after a wreck. Unfortunately, those who cause collisions are often eager to avoid direct responsibility for them. They may lie either by denying their own wrongdoing or by fabricating claims against the other parties involved in a crash.

How can someone prove who was at fault for a recent Kentucky collision?

They gather evidence at the scene

There will be evidence generated by most collisions that can help establish what actually caused the wreck. The placement of the vehicles and the damage that they suffered can often be critical to the accurate evaluation of a wreck. Drivers often need to take pictures of the scene of the crash to show what occurred and what damages resulted from the incident.

They may need to look for video footage from nearby businesses or traffic cameras. Witness statements can also be useful. Even medical records affirming the injuries that people have after a crash can help show what likely occurred during the collision and therefore who is at fault for the wreck.

They bring in outside support

In a perfect world, those who cause crashes would admit their responsibility for collisions, and insurance companies will pay a reasonable amount of compensation based on the coverage available and the extent of the damage a collision causes.

In the real world, people often try to blame everyone but themselves after a wreck, and insurance companies are typically eager to preserve their profit margins above all else. Particularly when someone has a lengthy recovery ahead of them or must help care for injured loved ones, they may need professional assistance.

They may not have the time or mental energy to focus on handling a complicated insurance claim, advocating on their own behalf to local law enforcement agencies and preparing for civil court. Those who hire lawyers can focus their energy on their physical recovery or the support needs of their loved ones without sacrificing the justice that they deserve after a collision.